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The Qur’an made simple

The Qur’an made simple The Noble Qur’an is the greatest of the books of God. It is the most outstanding book ever to appear on the face of the earth. It is not merely a compilation of chronicles of an ancient people, nor yet of a group of Prophets, or even of all Prophets. Nor is it solely a book of morals. It is certainly not just a book of science, and it is not simply a book of rules and laws.

How to Pray

The daily prayers
There are five sets of daily obligatory prayers or s}alawa>t (plural for s}ala>t) that are performed in three time slots. The s}ala>t of the various times are not necessarily the same. A s}ala>t may be of 2, 3, or 4 rak‘ah or cycle. The three time slots in which the s}ala>t needs to be performed are: Daily Prayers

Shura or consultation

Stemming from the principles of freedom and pluralism, to create a collective responsibility, and to involve representatives from the entire nation, Imam Shirazi proposes the Consultative System of Leadership, where a leadership council consisting of scholar-leaders elected by the masses leads the country.   “. . . those who (conduct) their affairs by mutual Consultation . . .”

"O Ali, the best of qualities in this life and the hereafter are words of courtesy, generosity, and forgiving those who inflict injustice on you"