About us

Imam Shirazi World Foundation

Imam Shirazi World Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to delivering the Islamic perspectives on issues of concern to mankind and the human civilization.


Imam Shirazi World Foundation considers issues such as “Guidance and Development”, “Freedom and Peace”, “Compassion and Faith”, “Justice and Grace”, “Security and Stability”, “Excellence and Prosperity”, as hopes and aspirations of the entire Muslim Ommah (Nation), and those of the entire community of mankind, and therefore some of its fundamental aims are implementing them into reality.

The Foundation adopts consultation (shura) and non-violence as its policy, coordination and collaboration with, and complementing other institutions, organizations, and forces of the community, as its strategy.

In identifying its aims and objectives, the Foundation draws from the best guide and leader there is, namely the Holy Qur’an, and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad and his impeccable progeny (Ahl-ul-Bayt), peace be upon them.

Allah Almighty states in the Holy Qur’an:

{O ye who believe! Enter into peace whole-heartedly} 2: 208

{there is no coercion in religion} 2: 256

{We sent you not, but as a mercy for all creatures} 21: 107

{They believe in Allah and the Day of Judgment; promote virtue, and prohibit vice; and race in doing good works} 3: 114

{Truly, Allah commands justice, and (the doing of) grace} 16: 90

{. . . so that mankind may uphold justice} 57: 25

{. . . for (the prophet Muhammad) commands them to do good and virtuous, and forbids them that is reprehensible; allows them as lawful what is good (and pure) and prohibits them from what is bad (and impure); releases them from their heavy burdens and from the yokes that are upon them.} 7: 157

Missions and Objectives

To realize these visions, Imam Shirazi World Foundation proceeds from a sound and solid basis . . . for the late Imam Muhammad Shirazi has left a legacy of inexhaustible source of knowledge and teachings, a great richness of thoughts, proposals, studies, research, experience, not to mention the colossal number of books he has left behind. He has educated generations of talented experts and leaders in the fields involved, and has brought about a great wave of establishing institutions and foundations across the globe.

Furthermore, through his personal life style, he has set an exemplar ethical model of the school of the Ahl-ul-Bayt peace be upon them, a true manifestation of a divine scholar, who has resolutely persevered, and withstood all challenges and hardships throughout his life, totally non-attached to the vanities and pleasures of this world, while instead devoting his entire life for the cause of Allah Almighty.

Imam Shirazi World Foundation has taken it upon itself, to pursue the following objectives:

  1. to embark on researching, translating, and publishing Imam Shirazi’s works in the various branches of learning, starting form his monumental work on Fiqh, through to the smallest of his little books, which have exceeded 1200 books.  It is the intention of the Foundation that these works are translated to as many living languages of the world as possible, and to broadcast them on its various websites on the internet.
  2. to spare no effort to implement Imam Shirazi’ lively thoughts and ideas such as shura (consultation), Freedom, Brotherhood of the Muslims, the Unified Muslim Ommah, Peace, Justice and Grace, Ethical Morality, all of which are drawn from the teachings of Islam.  Realizing such ideas would bring about a great movement of revival for the Muslim Ommah, and security, peace, and prosperity for all other nations.   These can be achieved through:
    1. endeavor to help and arrange for the leaders of the Muslim Ommah to adopt and adhere to those thoughts and ideas, and also for great many of scholars and intellectuals to thoroughly study, research, and investigate them to present the solution to the most pressing problems,
    2. publication of periodical study and research journals for various groups/sections of society,
    3. presentation and dissemination of these thoughts and ideas in various colleges and universities, and also broadcast and dissemination of these ideas on a wider scope through the mass media, such newspapers, magazines, radio, and television, such that this would create the atmosphere of revival and resurgence of intellectual movement, not only throughout the Muslim Ommah, but on a  global scale.
  3. to guide and develop all those institutions that were established, directly or indirectly, by the late Imam Shirazi, and furthermore, to establish more such institutions,
  4. to continue the reform and educational movement, through supporting and guiding the schools and Hawzahs – or Universities for Islamic sciences – as well as training personnel for the skills, talents and leadership tasks required.
  5. to uphold the characteristics of the ethical school, which was first and foremost manifested in the late Imam’s conducts, and took root in every aspect of his behavior and dealings, before it appeared in his speeches, teachings, and writings.  This can be done through instilling the Islamic moral and ethical qualities in the souls of the individuals, and by implementing the teachings of Islam on such issues as “humility before Allah, people, knowledge, and endeavor”, “non-attachment to pleasures and vanity of this life”, “tolerance”, “peace”, “grassroots support”, as well as all other moral and ethical qualities the late Imam Shirazi elaborated upon in detail in many of his books, such as his celebrated work Islamic Moral Excellence.
  6. to adopt the policy of “Trusting in the help of Allah”, “Firmness in Faith”, “Solid Determination”, “Confronting Injustice and Oppression” wherever it may be.  The late Imam Shirazi adopted such policies throughout his life, for that was in line with the teachings of the prophets and messengers of Allah and the impeccable imams of the Ahl-ul-Bayt peace be upon them, in defense of the oppressed, and the call for establishing justice, fairness, and grace throughout the world.

Successor of the late Imam Shirazi

Today, Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Sadiq Shirazi – the most prominent religious authority on Islam, to whom millions of Muslims across the globe refer on various issues of faith and worldly concerns, is considered as the successor of the late Imam to continue the school of Imam Muhammad Shirazi .

Grand Ayatollah Sadiq Shirazi has written more than seventy books in the fields of jurisprudence, Usul, economics, politics, ethical morality, etc.  Today, he is also spiritual leader to scores of educational intuitions around the world.  Hundreds of scholars, writers, intellectuals, and religious preachers have graduated from his school, most of whom have dispersed across the Middle East, Africa, Europe and America .